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Wanting to Transform the Look of Your home?

A simple paint job can make your room look fresh and clean, but nothing gives a true statement like patterned wallpaper in your home – whether it be to add some life to your living room, to brighten up your bedroom or to modernise your kitchen.

With so many different colours and patterns to choose from, you can always find the right wallpaper to bring your design idea to life!

Whether you’ve already chosen your wallpaper and are ready for a wallpaper hanger to put it up, or if you need help with design ideas, give us a call on 01664 812456.


Professional Lining and Wallpaper Installation

Wallpapering can be an almost impossible task for someone with no experience or know-how in the industry, and you can often waste expensive wallpaper by not hanging it correctly.

We would always recommend hiring a professional wallpaper hanger to apply wallpaper or lining paper in your home or business if you don’t have any experience, as getting it right the first time will ensure that it stands the test of time.


Need Design Advice? Our Expert Team Can Help!

Choosing the right wallpaper can be tricky, as it hard to tell what it will look like until it is up – and by then it’s too late! A trade expert should have enough experience to guide you through the process of choosing your wallpaper – from which patterns will suit your room and desired style, to how many rolls you will need (depending on the pattern repeat).

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have put up every type of wallpaper you can imagine – so we know what works! Our consultancy service will help to guide you in the right direction, making sure you are 100% happy with your choice of wallpaper before a wallpaper hanger puts it up for you.


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