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You should be proud to invite friends and family into your home. But when your décor is getting tired that’s not always the case is it! Painting and decorating is something the majority of people don’t enjoy and don’t have time to do.

And, if you live in Leicester, you don’t have to. We love transforming your space so that it is fresh, clean, and gives the exact feel that you want it to. We know each room has its own identity and use, and we professionally create your desired environment with ease.

We love wallpapering and we love painting, inside and outside!

We work to your personal vision and taste. We work with your colour scheme and we create the perfect canvas for you to furnish and accessorise.



Decorating can be a messy job. Not only does it require lots of protection of floors and furniture, also ‘cutting in’ to get those ceiling and walls edge lines straight with two different colours that meet together is an art form. Because we are the professionals, we have all the right equipment, training and vast experience to get it right for you first time, every time. When we are finished, we tidy up; hoover up and leave you with your new room ready to enjoy once again.


The quality of paint and other products used are of paramount importance also selecting the correct quality trade paints to achieving a perfect finish for you and your home. We have access to brands and grades of products which are only available to the trade. This means much fewer layers of paint and wallpaper which is applied professionally with ease. We will get the job done more quickly and efficiently than you doing it yourself, making it much more economical to hire the professional.

If you are looking for quality painting and decorating services in Leicester, and want to find out more about our services? Get in contact with us today on 01664 812456.


Painting and Decorating Services for Commercial Properties and New Build Houses

Not only do we restore people’s homes, we also work on painting and decorating commercial properties – particularly offices and New Build houses of all sizes.
We have vast experience in transforming offices into a space which shows professionalism, incorporates branding and creates a positive atmosphere for staff members and clients alike.

It is very important to create an Office working space which you and your team can be proud of, something that is comfortable and positive each and every day – and hiring a painting and decorating specialist can be the easiest and most cost effective solution.

Even open plan offices can be zoned into different areas so that walkways are obvious, different teams have different colours, the meetings area has its own identity. Decorating creatively can make a huge difference to the atmosphere and energy in a building.

We also transform New build houses inside and outside from a blank canvas to a bright and airy big space with high quality painting and decorating that you will be proud of with pastel colours and bright colours; the choice is yours we help with colours and the correct and the best paints to use that are durable and hard wearing.
We do a lot of airless spraying to new plastered ceilings; walls and woodwork airless spraying is quicker than using a roller and a paint brush. Airless spraying creates a lovely flat and smooth high quality superior finish every time!

If you have a commercial property or New Build House in Leicester or the surrounding areas that is in need of a makeover from a professional painting and decorating service, then give us a call on 01664 812456 to discuss your requirements.


Book Your Free Design Quote and Free Surface Assessment Consultation, Inside or Outside of your Property

Even if you already have a design idea in mind, it is important to have a consultation to discuss the detail of the project. We can advise you on what will work best based on the condition of your surfaces and will ensure that everything is in place before we start the project – to guarantee we can do the job right the first time.

Alternatively, if you know that your room(s) or exterior needs redecorating, but aren’t sure on the design or colours you would like to go for, we have the vast experience to advise on this too. Having already decorated thousands of properties before, we have a more in-depth insight into colours and finishes that work – and would love to share our knowledge with you to help you get your property looking its best!


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