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Are you thinking your home needs a fresh lick of paint? Maybe you’ve been putting off repainting the bathroom, retiling the kitchen, or papering the lounge. Let’s face it – painting and decorating can be a lot of work!
Have you ever thought about hiring a professional painter and decorator to help you with the trickier tasks? Here are seven great reasons why you should.

It’s Easy to Budget For

Think about all the money you might invest in DIY or decorating everything yourself. It’s easy to say you’ll only need £200 for paint, but it’s easier to go over on your budget than you might think.
When you hire a painter and decorator, you pay a flat rate for the jobs you need. You’ll get a reliable quote, transparent and easy to budget for. Simple!

You Get Access to the Best Tools

One of the big hassles when taking on DIY is knowing which tools to use. Sure – your trusty paintbrush might have helped you in the years gone by, but is it really going to stand up to a complete repaint of the back bedroom?
When you hire a painter and decorator, you get access to all the best tools and equipment. Professionals make sure they carry the best rollers, brushes, safety equipment and more besides.

You Get a Great Choice

With a professional painter and decorator, you will always get a broader selection of colours and styles than you might expect when wandering around a DIY store.
That’s because professionals know what to look for in the best paint colours, paper options, flourishes and more. Why waste your time narrowing things down on your own?

You Get Great Advice

This is crucial – when you take on DIY, you’re often going to be tackling things with a spouse or a family member, or a friend who’s willing to help. Unless you’re working with a professional with years of experience, there is likely to be plenty of guesswork involved!
Therefore, when you hire a professional painter and decorator, you can rely on them for all kinds of advice. Advice on looks, safety, opinions on paint brands – you name it.

It’s Easy to Prepare

One of the worst parts of painting and decorating jobs – when you take it on yourself – is to safely prepare. Preparations and papering carpets, for example, can take hours! What if you’re painting stairs, and don’t have a downstairs toilet? There are plenty of things you should consider before you start any kind of decorating job.

A professional painter and decorator will ensure that all your preparations take place as you expect. There’s no need for you to lift a finger.

Cleaning Up is Easier

The worst part of decorating is probably the cleaning up! Thankfully, a professional painter and decorator can help in this regard, too. Save yourself time and effort when clearing up tools and scraps of old wallpaper.
A professional decorator will always make sure to clear away their workspace at the end of a job. It’s just manners, surely!

Save Time and Effort

Of course – the biggest benefit in hiring a painter and decorator comes from the time and effort you’ll save. Can’t get time off work to paint your kitchen? Need help getting set up, or just need some experienced advice?

It’s time to get in touch with a professional. Call Superior Property Maintenance now and let us help you transform your home – so you can have more time to do the things you love! Call 0116 240 4919 now to learn more!